Are you dissatisfied with your current career and are looking for a change? Is the possibility of downsizing, layoff or company closure in your future? A Career Coach from the Career Development Center can meet with you to discuss how your transferrable skills can be applied to a new career. The process can start with self-assessment, lead to career research and evolve into revising your resume and cover letter to match the qualifications of your ideal position. Staff members in the CDC can also provide helpful tips on how to conduct an effective job search, discuss the importance of networking, and the best way to prepare for an interview.

If you have determined that graduate school is needed to enter your chosen career, the CDC can provide guidance on how to begin the graduate school search process. This includes assistance with researching schools and reviewing personal statements.

Here are some helpful resources that discuss the career change process:




Start by looking over these resources – they will help you begin the process of thinking about how to manage your career change. Then, contact the Career Development Center to meet with a Career Coach who can help you understand this process and put a plan together to make your career change a success.