Career Coaching is a process by which trained and supportive career development professionals provide guidance in self-assessment, career exploration, career change, and personal career development. Career Coaches are available in the UNH Career Development Center to assist you with the process described below – a Coach is someone who helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses, directs you in setting goals, puts together a game plan to reach your goals, and then motivates you to enact the plan each step of the way.


  1. Self-Assessment: Self-assessment is the foundation of a successful career coaching program. Through the process of assessment, individuals examine and explore their personal attributes and begin to match those attributes with potential careers. The three main components of self-assessment are skills, traits and work values with sub-components that include interests, educational goals, career goals, and leisure activities. All career development begins with a thorough understanding of who you are, where you have been, and where you would like to go in the future. You must first understand where your skills, traits, values, interests, and goals reside in order to develop a meaningful career.

  2. Career Exploration: Career Exploration is the process by which individuals actively explore the potential careers that match up with their now illuminated skills, traits, and values. Research can be conducted through online sources, books or other professional literature, informational interviews, networking, and individual career coaching sessions.

  3. Decision-Making: Once you have assessed your attributes and explored potential careers, it is time to narrow down your options. As an alumnus, you have built a significant amount of skills through work experience and education and may need assistance on how to transfer your experience into another career. A Career Coach in the Career Development Center can help you with this process by reviewing your assessment results and the qualifications of positions of interest.

As an alumnus of the University of New Haven, our coaches are available to assist you anytime, free of charge. These services are available if you are looking to change your career or to advance your current career.

To begin the process, contact the Career Development Center to talk with a Career Coach or to schedule an appointment:

University of New Haven Career Development Center
103 Bartels Student Activity Center