Resume Tips or Strategies:

Career Resources for Chemical Engineering Majors:

Chemical Engineering Graduate Programs:

  • Chemical Engineering MS, PhD
  • Chemical and Bio molecular Engineering MS, PhD
  • Nano Engineering with Polymers MS
  • Biochemical Engineering MS

Career options:

  • Master’s Degree:
    • Chemical Engineer
    • Petroleum Engineer
    • Energy Engineer
    • Biochemical Engineer
    • Pharmacology Technology Producer/Developer
    • Nuclear Engineer
    • Chemical Technician
    • Process Control Engineer
    • Production Engineer
  • PhD:
    • Product/Process Development Scientist
    • Chemical Engineering Professor
    • Chemical Researcher

Salary and job outlook information

Chemical Engineers (Chemical Process Engineer, Chemical Research Engineer, Chemical Test Engineer) $94,350 +4% (Slower than average)
Postsecondary Teachers (Chemical Engineer Professor) $68,970 +19% (faster than average)

Helpful Tips for Students Wanting to prepare for graduate study in Chemical Engineering

Take a business class to help you understand the inner workings.


  • Think about opportunities in the following industries:
    • Product development- consumer goods (cosmetics, environmental, petroleum, food, etc)
    • Colleges and Universities
    • Consulting firms
    • Government agencies
      • US Food and Drug Administration
      • US Environmental Protection Agency
      • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
      • S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    • Medical industry, Public Health Departments (drug development, medical supply development, etc)
    • Private Research Labs
  • Obtain part-time, volunteer, co-op, internship and/or research opportunities with professors to gain relevant experience.
  • Read scientific journals to stay current on relevant issues in the field.
  • Attend local career and industry fairs to create references and get more ideas of what is out there, bring copies of your resume with you so you can give it to employers.
  • Identify companies you would like to work for and find contacts, use LinkedIn to find former UNH students that you can reach out to.

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