Communicate – Kelly Quigley

Thanks to the generosity of the Bergami Family and the UNH Division of Student Affairs, eight UNH undergraduate students received a stipend to cover expenses related to their unpaid internship experience.  The eight recipients will be reflecting on their internship experience over the course of the summer. This entry is from Kelly Quigley, Sports Management Major, who is interning with Connecticut Sports Management Group CSM

Communications is especially important in the sports management field and especially at CSMG because there are so many events going on at the same time which involves multiple locations as well as many, many people from the participants to the officials to the CSMG employees. The people involved in running and in participating in these events come with varying levels of experience. Without communication proper instructions can’t be relayed and all people involved aren’t kept informed. A communication plan is necessary so that information is consistent and the proper chain of authority is recognized and followed.

CSMG has a very effective communication tactic in providing each intern with a checklist at the start of the internship with responsibilities they expect of each intern. In addition, each intern receives a daily “to do” list of duties in order of priority that must be completed by the intern by the end of the day. If for some reason the task can’t be completed or the intern has a question there are instructions on whom to call to resolve the issue. Means of communication include email, text or a phone call. In my opinion, these tactics are very effective and efficient.

Preparation is key and the day before each event a meeting is held with all interns participating along with site supervisor Patrick Fisher as well as the event coordinator from CSMG. During the event if a problem or question arises, the intern is always given the cell phone number of the event coordinator to contact or can call Mr. Fisher at any time. Each paying participant as well as the viewers from the community expect the ultimate enjoyable safe and fair competitive experience and in order to supply such an experience, all CSMG employees must be involved which only can happen with the best lines of communication.

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