• Think about opportunities within the following industries:
    • Computer Design firms
    • Software developers
    • Video/Computer game developers
    • Manufacturers
    • Consulting firms
    • Entertainment companies
    • Transportation companies
    • Telecommunication companies
    • Research Institutions
    • Browsers/Search Engines/Web Designs
    • Public Schools/Universities
  • Consider earning a minor in math, computer science is heavily math-based.
  • Consider a double major to help shape towards a particular career (ie; Biology= Bioinformatics, Political Science/Criminal Justice= Security/Information Policy, Fine Arts= Animation)
  • Obtain networking certifications (what can I do with this major?)

You cant get a job in something you haven’t done before, meaning you need internship experience and class experience.

  • Include any skills and certifications (WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS)
  • Include any related projects
  • Include any presentations or publications, both independent and academic related

  • You may be asked to perform certain computer science related tasks/math problems in the interview
  • The most common set of questions you’ll face test your knowledge of computer science. Why do you pick one data structure over another? How do you code a particular algorithm?
  • Could you code binary search in the Java programming language?
  • You will be asked questions that test your knowledge
    • Describe what all the different parts of the main() method declaration mean.
    • Given a line of text, verify that the beginning and ending parenthesis match up.

Career Resources for Computer Science Majors:

Computer Science Degree Types:

Computer Science MS, PhD

Electrical Engineering MS, PhD

Computing and Mathematical Sciences MS

Information Technology MS

Career Paths:

  • Master’s Degree: 
    • Software Engineer
    • Computer Scientist
    • Software System Developer
    • Computer System Analyst
    • Network System Administrator
    • Computer Programmer
    • Software Tester
    • Software Application Developer
  • PhD:
    •  Professor
    • Researcher

Computer, ATM, and Office Machine Repairers

Median Salary:$36,620

Outlook: +4% (slower than average)

Computer and Information Research Scientists (Computer Theory Scientist, Computer Research Scientist, Computer Scientist, etc)

Median Salary:$102,190

Outlook: +15% (faster than average)

Computer and Information Systems Managers (Computer Operations Manager, Computer Security Manager, etc)

Median Salary:$120,950

Outlook: +15% (faster than average)

Software Developers (Computer software engineer, Computer software architect, Computer application developer, computer application engineer, etc)

Median Salary:$93,350

Outlook:+22% (Much faster than average)

Metal and Plastic Machine Workers (Computer control programmer and operator, computer controlled machine operator, etc)

Median Salary:$32,950

Outlook:-6% (decline)

Computer Support Specialists (computer help desk representative, computer user support specialist, etc)

Median Salary:$48,900

Outlook:+17% (faster than average)

Computer Hardware Engineers (computer hardware developer, computer hardware designer, etc)

Median Salary:$100,920

Outlook:+7% (slower than average)

Forensic Science Technicians (Computer Forensics)

Median Salary:$52,840

Outlook:+6% (slower than average)

Computer Programmers (computer language coder)

Median Salary:$74,280

Outlook:+8% (average)

Computer Network Architects

Median Salary:$91,000

Outlook:+15% (faster than average)

Information Security Analysts (Computer Security, Business Security, Information Security)

Median Salary:$86,170

Outlook:+37% (much faster than average)

Computer Systems Analysts (computer system consultant)

Median Salary:$79,860

Outlook:+25% (much faster than average)

Network and Computer Systems Administrators (Computer security administrator)

Median Salary:$72,560

Outlook:+12% (average)

Career Resources for MS Computer Science:

Salary and job outlook information

Job Title Median Salary Outlook
Computer Programmers $77,550 -8%
Computer and Information Research Scientists $108,360 +11% (faster than average)
Computer and Information Systems Managers $127,640 +15% (faster than average)
Database Administrators $80,280 +11% (faster than average)
Computer Systems Analysts $82,710 +21% (faster than average)
Software Developers $97,990 +17% (faster than average)
Computer Network Architects $98,430 +9% (faster than average)


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