Resume Tips or Strategies:

  • Include any research projects/studies you may have done.
  • Include any technical skills you may have (Microsoft, Stata, Adobe, etc), as well as any foreign languages.
  • If desired, you can split up experience by type (ie; Finance Experience, Leadership and Customer Service Experience, etc)
  • If desired you can include relevant coursework for internships, remove this once degree is earned and when applying to full time jobs.

Career Resources for Economics Majors:

Economics Graduate Degree Types:

  • Economics MA, PhD
  • Applied Economics MA
  • Economic Policy MA
  • Master of Energy Economics MEECON
  • Financial Economics MA

Career options:

  •  Master’s Degree:
    • Economist
    • Financial Manager
    • Policy Analyst
    • Economic Analyst
    • Quantitative Analyst
    • Applied micro economist
    • Data Analyst
  • PhD:
    • Professor
    • Economic/Scientific Researcher
    • Economic Advisor
    • Global Economist

Salary and job outlook information 

Job Title Median Salary Outlook
Economists (Economic Advisors, Econometricians, Economic Development Planners, Economic Development Specialists, Economic Geographers, Economic Research Analysts) $95,710 +6% (average)
Mathematicians $103,720 +21% (faster than average)
Financial Analysts $78,620 +12% (faster than average)
Actuaries $96,700 +18% (faster than average)
Statisticians $79,990 +34% (faster than average)
Loan Officers $62,620 +8% (average)


  • Think about the following industries
    • Government Economic Services
      • Dept of Labor
      • Bureau of Labor Statistics
      • Dept of Commerce
      • Census Bureau
      • Bureau of Economic Analysis
      • Office of Policy, Planning, and Development
      • Small Business Administration
      • Congressional Budget Office
    • Public/Private Education Facilitates
    • Investment Banks
    • Insurance Companies
    • Accounting Firms
    • Sales
    • Consulting firms
    • Research firms
    • Tourism Companies
    • Transportation Companies
    • Healthcare
    • Consumer Goods Manufacturers
    • Nonprofit Organizations
    • International Organizations
      • World Bank
      • United Nations
    • Corporate Finance Departments
  • Most “economist” positions require a Masters or Doctoral degree.
  • Network, Network, Network.
  • Most jobs won’t have “economist” in the title
  • Interview people who are economists to figure out potential paths you can take to get to where you want to go.