Feeling Out Of Place – Luca Mochi

Thanks to the generosity of the Bergami Family and the UNH Division of Student Affairs, eight UNH undergraduate students received a stipend to cover expenses related to their unpaid internship experience.  The eight recipients will be reflecting on their internship experience over the course of the summer. This entry is from Luca Mochi, Music Major, who is interning with New Haven Symphony Orchestra.

Luca Mochi

My first couple of weeks have already been extremely educational and rewarding. At first, I did feel slightly out-of-place or inferior, however, after two or so days, everyone made me feel as though I was a valuable part of the team. I was given a basic tour of the facilities and where everything is located, but my supervisors also gave me an introduction to the structure of the organization which was fascinating. It was informative to see how they work, from the inside-out and how the flow of command and responsibilities is organized.

The overall feel of the office is very laid-back and friendly, our staff is small so everyone is tightknit and they work well together because they have a professional level of respect for each other. Although the office culture is fairly laidback, everyone that I work with has very high standards and they criticize my work, but they do it in a very constructive manner, which I believe will really help prepare me for my career after college.

I absolutely love what the New Haven Symphony has me working on so far and I really do enjoy the people that I have had to interact with as well. I like to think of myself as artistic yet realistic, and that description is exactly how I would describe the culture in this organization. Everyone has their quirks and you can tell they are creative personalities, but they are also amazing at what they do at the same time; whether that be writing grant appeals, newsletters, designing education programs, or even managing finances, every single person manages to combine their love for the art, with their practical business skills. It is for these reasons that I know I would want to work in this sort of environment. One of my goals going into college was to find a way to combine my love for music with my interest in business and marketing, so to be around so many people who have successfully created similar combinations in their own lives, is just completely incredible and inspiring. I hope that I will be able to work with an organization similar to the New Haven Symphony Orchestra after I graduate.


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