Resume Tips or Strategies:

  • State foreign languages.
  • If focusing on a specific area/region, state it.
  • List educational/experiential international experience (not vacations).
  • List any leadership experience

Career Resources for Global Studies Majors:

Global Studies Graduate Degree Types:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)
  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

Career options:

  • Master’s Degree:
    • Translator
    • Language/Cultural Expert
    • Government
  • PhD:
    • Professor
    • Historian

Salary and Job Outlook Information

Job Title Median Salary Outlook
Political Scientists $104,920 -2%
Geographers $76,420 -2%
Sociologists $72,810 -1%
Interpreters and Translators $43,590 +29% (faster than average)
Logisticians $73,870 +2% (slower than average)
Social and Community Service Managers $62,740 +10% (faster than average)
Police and Detectives $58,630 +4% (slower than average)
Public Relations Specialists $55,680 +6% (average)
Marketing Research Analysts $61,290 +19% (faster than average)
Social Workers $45,500 +12% (faster than average)
Health Educators and Community Health Workers $42,450 +13% (faster than average)
Writers and Authors $58,850 +2% (slower than average)
Editors $54,890 -5%
Advertising Sales Agents $47,890 -3%
Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers $53,760 +6% (average)
Middle School Teachers $54,940 +6% (average)
High School Teachers $56,310 +6% (average)


  • Make sure to prepare for and take the GRE to submit scores to school
  • Have a writing sample(s) prepared to submit with your application materials
  • Have at least 2 letters of recommendation prepared
  • Double major or minor in your undergraduate years in a foreign language
  • Be prepared to discuss any foreign language training and be tested on your speaking/writing abilities in said foreign language.
  • In your personal statement be sure to discuss why you have an interest in a certain graduate program and what related experiences/classes you have.


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  • Think of the following industries:
    • International Businesses (Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Trade, Engineering, etc.)
    • Environmental Firms
    • International Banks
    • United Nations
      • World Health Organization
      • UNICEF
    • Relief agencies
    • Defense contractors
    • Legislative offices
    • Federal Government
      • National Security Agency
      • National Security Council
      • Dept of Defense
      • Dept of Commerce
      • Dept of Argiculture
      • Dept of State
      • US Agency for International Development
      • Peace Corps
    • Nonprofit organizations
    • Religious Organizations
    • Humanitarian Services
    • International Schools
    • Professional Language Schools
    • Foreign News Agencies (BBC)
    • Online Publishers
    • Law Firms
    • Consulting Firms
    • Travel Agencies
    • Tourism Industry (Resorts, Cruise Lines, Airlines, Restaurants, etc)
    • Foreign Schools/ Teachers without Borders
  • Develop foreign language skills.
  • Global Studies is a broad major that can be used in business, government, social services, etc., think about double majoring or picking up a minor in order to specialize the field.
  • If you plan on teaching abroad, you may have to pursue a masters in education.
  • Global heath may require a PhD.
  • Some political careers start with law.
  • If possible, study abroad to the area you are interested in focusing on.
  • Prepare for a global job interview= know your stuff. You should know about where the business is being conducted and what the situation in the area is, etc.

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Global Business & Commerce Network

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The Global Business Development Network

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International School Teachers

POLITICS – Political Careers

Responsible travel and tourism

Teachers Without Borders

Travel & Tourism Industry Professionals Worldwide


  • Yale University:
    • African American Studies (PhD.)
    • African Studies (M.A.)
    • American Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Anthropology (PhD.)
    • Archaeological Studies (M.A.)
    • East Asian Language and Literature (PhD.)
    • Easy Asian Studies (M.A.)
    • English Language and Literature (M.A., PhD.)
    • European and Russian Studies (M.A.)
    • French (PhD.)
    • German (PhD.)
    • Global Affairs (M.A., M.A.S.)
    • International Development and Economics (M.A.)
    • Italian Language and Literature (PhD.)
    • Medieval Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (M.A., PhD.)
    • Renaissance Studies (PhD.)
    • Slavic Languages and Literature (PhD.)
    • Spanish and Portuguese (PhD.)
  • University of Connecticut:
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • English: American Studies (M.A.)
    • Geography (M.A., PhD.)
    • International Studies (M.A.)
      • European Studies
      • Italian History and Culture
      • Latino and Latin American Studies
    • Judaic Studies (M.A.)
    • Literature, Cultures, and Languages (M.A, PhD.)
      • French and Francophone Studies
      • German Studies
      • Italian Cultural and Literary Studies
      • Spanish Studies
      • Comparative Literacy and Cultural Studies
      • Classical, Ancient, and Mediterranean Studies (M.A. only)
    • Medieval Studies (M.A., PhD.)
  • Brandeis University:
    • Near Eastern & Judaic Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Ancient Greek & Roman Studies (Classical Studies) (M.A.)
    • Teaching Chinese at the College Level (M.A.)
  • Central Connecticut State University:
    • Geography (M.S.)
    • International Studies (M.S.)
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst:
    • Afro-American Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • Chinese (M.A.)
    • French and Francophone Studies (M.A., M.A.T.)
    • Geography (M.S.)
    • German and Scandinavian Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Hispanic Literature and Languages (M.A, M.A.T., PhD.)
    • Italian Studies (M.A.T.)
    • Japanese (M.A.)
    • Latin and Classical Humanities (M.A.T.)
  • Syracuse University:
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • Economics/International Relations (M.A.)
    • Geography (M.A., PhD.)
    • Global Health (M.S.)
    • International Relations (M.A.)
    • International Relations/Public Administration (M.A., M.P.A.)
    • Law/International Relations (J.D., M.A.)
    • Public Diplomacy (Public Relations, M.S. and International Relations, M.A)
    • Religion (M.A., PhD.)
    • Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture (M.A.)
  • Northeastern University:
    • Global Studies and International Relations (M.S.)
  • New York University:
    • Africana Studies (M.A.)
    • American Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Studies (M.A.)
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • Classics (M.A., PhD.)
    • English and American Literature (M.A., PhD.)
    • European and Mediterranean Studies (M.A.)
    • French (M.A., PhD.)
    • French Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • German (M.A.)
    • Germanic Languages and Literatures (PhD.)
    • Hebrew and Judaic Studies ( M.A., PhD.)
    • International Relations (M.A.)
    • Irish and Irish American Studies (M.A.)
    • Italian Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Latin American and Caribbean Studies (M.A.)
    • Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (PhD.)
    • Near Eastern Studies (M.A.)
    • Russian and Slavic Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Social and Cultural Analysis (M.A.)
    • Spanish and Portuguese (M.A., PhD.)
    • Study of the Ancient World (PhD.) (offered by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)
  • California State University:
    • Anthropology (M.A.)
    • Geography (M.S.)
    • Latin American Studies (M.A.)
    • Spanish (M.A.)
  • University of Minnesota:
    • American Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • Arts and Cultural Leadership (M.P.S.)
    • Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media (M.A., PhD.)
    • Classical and Near Eastern Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • French (M.A., PhD.)
    • Geography (M.A., PhD.)
    • Germanic Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics (M.A., PhD.)