Are you thinking about applying to Graduate School?

What is Graduate School?

Graduate school is a formalized program of study specific to an academic or professional discipline. In graduate school, you do not take any general education requirements; rather you will take courses that pertain directly to your area of study. Being a graduate student requires a commitment of time, dedication, perseverance, and energy.

Should I go to Graduate School?

It is advised that you do not go to graduate school to delay entering the “real world” after graduation. Graduate School is for those who have formulated clear career goals and are aware that they need advanced education to enter their desired career. Many students choose to work for several years after obtaining an undergraduate degree to experience the world of work. This can serve many benefits as an individual can clarify what area of graduate study to pursue, decide if a graduate degree is ultimately needed, and save financially for the experience.

What is the process to apply?

If you decide that graduate school is right for you, it’s important to start the application process at least one year prior to intended entrance. Once you have solidified the schools you will be applying to, be aware of the application deadlines. Some have rolling admissions but can fill up early. Competitive programs may want you to have all materials submitted one year in advance.

An entrance exam such as the GRE, MCAT, LSAT or DAT may be needed as part of the application process and it is essential to take standardized tests the Spring or Summer before applying. Items such as college transcripts, personal statements and letters of recommendation are typically required along with a completed application.

How long will graduate school take to complete?

The amount of time it takes to earn a graduate degree varies depending on full-time or part-time attendance. Typically, a graduate degree can be completed in 2 years at full-time status. Being a full-time graduate student usually entails around 9 credits per semester, not between 12-15 credits as an undergraduate student. Classes are usually offered in the evenings to accommodate working adults. The class sizes tend to be smaller and you will most likely have a cohort of classmates that will follow the same course of study throughout the program.

What type of help is available to me during this process?

The Career Development Center can assist you with the entire Graduate School process.

We provide assistance in determining:

  • Whether graduate school is needed or recommended for your intended profession
  • How to research and locate programs in your area of interest
  • Guidance through the application process
  • Connect with resources on the admissions tests
  • Connect with faculty for advice, letters of recommendation, etc.
  • Help you write and edit your personal statement
  • Be there to listen, advise, and assist with the decision-making process

Check out the resources available on the web to help with the process

or assistance with the graduate school application process, please contact the Career Development Center to schedule an appointment.