Resume Tips or Strategies:

Career Resources for History Majors:

History Graduate Programs:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)
  • Master of Arts (M.A.)

Career options:

  • Master’s Degree:
    • Teacher
    • Archivist
    • Museum Curator
  • PhD:
    • Historian
    • Professor

Salary and job outlook information

Job Title Median Salary Outlook
Historians $55,870 +2% (less than average)
Archivists, Curators and Museum Workers $46,300 +7% (average)
Anthropologists and Archeologists $59,280 +4% (slower than average)
Social and Community Service Managers $62,740 +10% (faster than average)
Reporters, Correspondents and Broadcast Analysts $37,200 -9%
Fundraisers $52,430 +9% (faster than average)

  • Make sure to prepare for and take the GRE to submit scores to school
  • Have a writing sample(s) prepared to submit with your application materials
  • Have at least 2 letters of recommendation prepared
  • If possible, concentrate on a particular era/time period in history
  • In your personal statement be sure to discuss why you have an interest in a certain graduate program and what related experiences/classes you have.
  • Double major or minor in a foreign language and be able to demonstrate your speaking and writing skills in said language

  • What do you find important about preserving history?
  • Is there a specific time period that you are most interested/knowledgeable?
  • Museum Curator/Historical Homes:
    • Why did you choose to work as a museum curator?
    • Have you been to any museum exhibitions lately? What did you like/dislike?
    • How would you organize information about an upcoming gallery?
    • What do you think is the primary challenge facing museums today?
    • How do you feel about interactive exhibitions?
    • What approaches would you use to make your exhibition more approachable?
    • Are you comfortable traveling to find new pieces for an exhibition?
  • History Teacher
  • If interviewing for a job related to journalism, expect questions to be aimed more towards your knowledge and ability to write articles with some questions about history. (see English, Global Studies)
    • What is your background and philosophy of social work? Counseling? Etc.
    • What attracts you to this type of work?
  • If interviewing for a job in government, law, etc, expect questions to be related to government or law (see political studies, national security, legal studies)
    • Why did you choose law?
    • Is there any crime you would have trouble defending?
    • How do you feel about accountability vs reconciliation?
    • Why did you choose to become a paralegal? Why did you choose to specialize in this area of the law?
    • Why do you wish to make a career in the government?
    • What are your feelings about government employees generally and the effectiveness of bureaucracy?

  • Think of the following industries
    • Local Government
    • Museums
    • Historical Societies
    • Arts and Humanities Councils
    • Law offices
    • Court Systems
    • Federal Agencies
      • The Smithsonian Institute
      • National Archives and Records
      • Library of Congress
      • National Park Service
      • Foreign Service
    • Political Action Committees (PACs)
    • Special Interest Groups
    • Nonprofits
    • Cultural Heritage Organizations
    • Research and Service Institutions
    • Universities
    • Historical Homes (Mark Twain House)
    • Art Galleries
    • Newspapers, New Sites, Radio, Magazines, Journals, Textbooks
  • Pick up a double major or minor to specialize your interest. Think about focusing on a specific geographic region (Europe, China, Latin America, Unite States, etc).
  • Become fluent in at least one foreign language.
  • Earn experience through a part time job, volunteer work or internship at local museums, historical societies, etc.
  • Gain experience in grant writing, since most historical organizations earn their money this way.

Consider applying to graduate programs in public history, this major offers career-oriented training and opportunities for gaining practical experience in historic preservation, legal research, and other public history work. 

American History

Ancient History Group

The Ancient World


Europe and the Ottoman Turks – History

First World War History Network

THE GREAT BULGARIANS – the history of great bulgarians, creators of the new modern world

Greece – military and political history

The Greek World (479 – 323 BC)

Historical Archaeology

History: African American, African, Ancient Egyptian

History and Theory

History Enthusiasts Group

History Teachers

HISTORY -Practical History

Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Culture, Language, Literature, History, and Archaeology

Latin American History

Linguistic Anthropology

The Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies

Professional Anthropology/ Archaeology Group

Russian and Soviet Historians’ Network

  • Yale University:
    • History (M.A., PhD.)
    • African American Studies (PhD.)
    • African Studies (M.A.)
    • American Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Anthropology (PhD.)
    • Archaeological Studies (M.A.)
    • East Asian Language and Literature (PhD.)
    • Easy Asian Studies (M.A.)
    • English Language and Literature (M.A., PhD.)
    • European and Russian Studies (M.A.)
    • Italian Language and Literature (PhD.)
    • Medieval Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (M.A., PhD.)
    • Renaissance Studies (PhD.)
    • Slavic Languages and Literature (PhD.)
    • Spanish and Portuguese (PhD.)
  • University of Connecticut:
    • History (M.A., PhD.)
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • English: American Studies (M.A.)
    • Geography (M.A., PhD.)
    • International Studies (M.A.)
      • European Studies
      • Italian History and Culture
      • Latino and Latin American Studies
    • Judaic Studies (M.A.)
    • Literature, Cultures, and Languages (M.A, PhD.)
      • French and Francophone Studies
      • German Studies
      • Italian Cultural and Literary Studies
      • Spanish Studies
      • Comparative Literacy and Cultural Studies
      • Classical, Ancient, and Mediterranean Studies (M.A. only)
    • Medieval Studies (M.A., PhD.)
  • Western Connecticut State University:
    • History (M.A.)
  • Southern Connecticut State University:
    • History (M.S., M.A.)
    • Romance Languages (M.A.)
  • New York University:
    • Africana Studies (M.A.)
    • American Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Studies (M.A.)
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • Classics (M.A., PhD.)
    • English and American Literature (M.A., PhD.)
    • European and Mediterranean Studies (M.A.)
    • French Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Germanic Languages and Literatures (PhD.)
    • Hebrew and Judaic Studies ( M.A., PhD.)
    • Irish and Irish American Studies (M.A.)
    • Italian Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Latin American and Caribbean Studies (M.A.)
    • Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (PhD.)
    • Near Eastern Studies (M.A.)
    • Russian and Slavic Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Spanish and Portuguese (M.A., PhD.)
    • Study of the Ancient World (PhD.) (offered by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)
  • California State University:
    • Anthropology (M.A.)
    • Latin American Studies (M.A.)
  • University of Minnesota:
    • American Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media (M.A., PhD.)
    • Classical and Near Eastern Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Germanic Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics (M.A., PhD.)
  • Syracuse University:
    • Anthropology (M.A./Ph.D.)
    • History (M.A./Ph.D.)
    • Museum Studies (M.A.)
    • Pan African Studies (M.A.)
    • Spanish Language, Literature and Culture (M.A.)
  • Boston University:
    • African American Studies (M.A.)
    • Anthropology (M.A., PhD.)
    • Archaeology (M.A., PhD.)
    • Classical Studies (M.A., PhD.)
    • Hispanic Language & Literatures (M.A., PhD.)
    • History CAS/GRS (M.A., PhD.)
    • History & Law (M.A./J.D.)
    • Latin American Studies (M.A.)
    • Latin & Classical Studies (B.S., M.A.T.)
    • Museum Education (M.A.)