Helpful tips to prepare for graduate study in Hospitality & Tourism Management:

  • Experience in the service industry will help with real world and hands on learning.


Think of the following industries:

  • Lodging: Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, timeshares, RV parks, campgrounds
  • Restaurants, Dining Clubs, Taverns
  • Catering Companies
  • Hospitals (café)
  • Military (food provider)
  • Amusement Centers, Theme Parks
  • Historical, cultural and natural attractions
  • Special event and festival organizations
  • Conference centers, banquet Facilities
  • Entertainment: Casinos, theaters, arenas, stadiums
  • Leisure: sporting clubs, recreation centers, fitness facilities, country clubs
  • Reservation companies
  • Transportation/Travel: airlines, cruise companies, car rental agencies, travel agencies, airports
  • Obtain volunteer, part-time, summer, and/or internship experience at related organizations.
  • Get involved in student travel groups/clubs/committees that plan trips for students.
  • Obtain and “sell” your transferable skills (Information Technology, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, etc)

  • Include a skills section where you can list things such as adobe.
  • Convey an intimate knowledge of a specific mode of travel, area or tourist destination
  • Communicate an ability to make complex considerations and flexible logistics
  • Express customer service and communication skills through work experience


  • Do you have experience taking care of customers?
  • How would you handle difficult or fussy customers?
  • Have you been a customer at our restaurants, and how was your experience?


  • Describe a situation where you had a dissatisfied customer and you solved their problem.
  • Are you able to interact well with people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life?
  • Have your traveled much on your own, with friends, or family?

Travel Agency

  • Are you comfortable using computer systems to help customers find the best deals?
  • How do you handle difficult or frustrated customers?
  • Have you ever booked travel through a travel agency? What has been your experience?


  • What is adding value?
  • Explain Adventure tourism, Attraction, Amenities, Back of the house.
  • What is continuously rendered service?
  • Define the terms: Excursionist, Front of the house, High-touch service

Career Resources for Hospitality & Tourism Management Majors:

Hospitality & Tourism Management Degree Types:

Hospitality and Tourism Management MS

International Hospitality and Tourism Management MS

Tourism Management MS

Hospitality Industry Studies MS

Master of Management in Hospitality

Global Hospitality MS

Career Paths:

  • Master’s Degree: 
    • Accommodation Manager
    • Catering Manager/director
    • Hotel Manager/director
    • Public House Manager/director
    • Restaurant Manager/director
    • Tour Manager/director
    • Cruise ship/resort director/manager
    • Facilities Operations/Assessment
  • PhD:
    • Hospitality Case Study Examiner
    • Hospitality Researcher
    • Consumer Behavior Theorist
    • Professor

Information Clerks (Hotel Desk Clerks, Hotel Registration Clerks)

Median Salary:$31,500

Outlook: +2% (slower than average)

Lodging Managers (Hotel Directors, Hotel Managers)

Median Salary:$47,680

Outlook: +8% (average)

Food Service Managers

Median Salary:$48,560

Outlook: +5% (average)

Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

Median Salary:$46,490

Outlook:+10% (faster than average)

Travel Agents

Median Salary:$34,800



Helpful websites: