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Salary and job outlook information

Job Title Median Salary Outlook
Psychologists $70,700 +19% (faster than average)
Human Resources Specialists $57,420 +5% (average)
Training and Development Specialists $57,340 +7% (average)
Training and Development Managers $101,930 +7% (average)
Management Analysts $80,880 +14% (faster than average)
Administrative Services Managers $83,790 +8% (average)

  • Do you have experience in HR analytics?
  • Give me a time you exhibited leadership at work.
  • Name a time where you had to compromise or prioritize in order to get things done.
  • Do you like working in a team?
  • Give me your definition of motivation. (Kendra and Ariel)
  • Human Resources:
    • You discover that a human resource department employee is discussing confidential information with employees outside the department. Explain the steps you would take to address this issue.
    • Describe the system you use for prioritizing human resource projects. What human resource discipline do you believe drives the department focus?
    • Explain how you motivate your human resource department employees, and how you assist them with reaching their professional development goals.
    • An employee from another department is dissatisfied with her performance appraisal. She has appealed to her supervisor to no avail and is now asking for your assistance. Explain how you would handle the employee’s concern.
  • Business Consulting:
  • Conflict Management:

Job/internship strategies specific to MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology


Report from Occupational Outlook Handbook 

Administrative Services Managers

Human Resources Specialists

Management Analysts


Training and Development Managers

Training and Development Specialists