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Salary and job outlook information

Job Title Median Salary Outlook
Management Analysts $80,880 +14% (faster than average)
Human Resources Managers $102,780 +9% (faster than average)
Human Resources Specialists $57,420 +5% (average)
Labor Relations Specialist $56,950 -8%
Training and Development Specialists $57,340 +7% (average)
Compensation and Benefits Managers $108,070 +6% (average)
Training and Development Managers $101,930 +7% (average)
Administrative Services Managers $83,790 +8% (average)

  • When acquiring a company that has unionized employees, can we terminate the employees and hire non-union employees?
  • Are all types of strikes authorized under the National Labor Relations Act?
  • Can we terminate the individual who is responsible for organizing a union petition and punish those who signed it?
  • What is a collective bargaining agreement?
  • What subjects are to be considered during the collective bargaining agreement?
  • What impact does the National Labor Relations Act have on email and other HR policies for both unionized and non-unionized employees?
  • What are the steps to the arbitration process?
  • What is the federal mediation and conciliation service?
  • Describe a time when you effectively trained managers or supervisors on a labor relations topic.
  • How do you select effective mediators and arbitrators for disputes and negotiations?
  • Share an effective method you have used to monitor employee satisfaction, especially with policies and working conditions.
  • How do you effectively assess the impact of union proposals on company operations?
  • Share an experience in which you successfully communicated employee satisfaction or something similar to management. What methods led to your success?
  • Tell me about the last time you prepared and submitted governmental reports. What is one thing you would like to improve about your reports?

  • Think of the following industries:
    • Large corporations
    • Human Resource Consulting firms
    • Budget firms
    • Policy/Law making
    • Government relations
    • Training Specialists
    • Organization Development
    • Private firms
    • Hospitals
    • Local government offices
    • Universities/public schools
  • Obtain a Human Resources Certificate, some companies require one and this will also give you a step up in other positions.
  • Join a professional organization so you can network and learn about potential job opportunities.
  • Research the company, including their bargaining agreements so you can be prepared to answer any questions thrown your way.
  • You may be competing against very qualified candidates when you have little experience, tailor your responses to show your experience.