No Regrets – Kelly Quigley

Thanks to the generosity of the Bergami Family and the UNH Division of Student Affairs, eight UNH undergraduate students received a stipend to cover expenses related to their unpaid internship experience.  The eight recipients will be reflecting on their internship experience over the course of the summer. This entry is from Kelly Quigley, Sports Management Major, who is interning with Connecticut Sports Management Group CSM

Through this internship I have been able to not only explore new areas of Connecticut but also to work with and meet many Connecticut residents of all ages in several different communities. It has also forced me to learn on my own several new computer programs (such as Got Soccer) which ordinarily I am not very comfortable with. Working with numbers, keeping records and general administration tasks has never been one of my strong attributes but this internship required I do all of these things and I learned that with practice on a daily basis it becomes less of a grind.

One of the most enjoyable new experiences was organizing and promoting a guest speaker event and the topic that I was chosen randomly to be in charge of was a topic I definitely had become unfortunately very familiar with over the last four years. The ShopRite Nutmeg State Games offer during the summer two free seminars as part of their Education Series. The seminars are open to anyone interested in attending. The program topic I was assigned to was “Knee Injury Prevention & Treatment” and it took place Saturday, July 15th, from 10am-12pm at the New Britain High School Lecture Hall. The presenter, Stefanie Bourassa, DPT, MSPT, CCSC is the director for the newly opened center for Musculoskeletal Health at the Bone Joint Institute, as well as, the Sports Medicine Clinical Program Director for Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Network based in Hartford. Topics covered included knee joint anatomy, knee injury prevention strategies particularly ACL tear prevention, care and treatment. As a result of soccer, I tore the ACL in my right knee when I was a junior in high school and I just recently returned from tearing my left knee ACL last year while playing soccer for UNH. It was a pleasure meeting Ms. Bourassa and sharing my experiences with her and the attendees as well as learning about the latest prevention strategies.

CSMG also provided CPR certification to their interns which I was very grateful for because I have wanted this certification for a very long time. What was within my comfort zone especially as a student athlete who has had to learn time management at a very young age, is the ability to perform multiple tasks within a specific time frame: meeting deadlines was a high priority in this internship and I feel I have met expectations.

While previous internships I have worked also required similar long hours including evenings and weekends, prior internships were close to my home in Tewksbury, MA so I was surrounded by my family to whom I am very close to and enjoyed being on summer vacation with. I had spent the last three summers living back at home and working locally so I was a little homesick since during the school year I am not able to go home too often because of soccer commitments. I was grateful to have a couple of soccer teammates who lived in Connecticut to hang out with during those few days I did have off. In spite of missing my family and having time with my friends, I have no regrets in accepting this internship. The amount I have learned and the experiences I have had far outweigh the negative. It has given me confidence to know that with my strong work ethic I can accomplish whatever task is given to me!

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