Conducting a job search is hard. We know. It is hard to get started, hard to keep going, and has about the overall appeal of a root canal.

But, there is hope. The reason most people hate job searching is because they are doing it wrong. Follow the advice below to incorporate the Four Aspects of a Successful Job Search and take control of the process.The Four Aspects of a Successful Job Search

  1. Networking
  2. Targeting Organizations
  3. Recruiters/Staffing Agencies
  4. Job Advertisements

To conduct a comprehensive, results-oriented job search you must use all 4 tactics AT THE SAME TIME!

Combine all Four Aspects for a Successful Job Search

An effective job search is a full time job itself. You need to become organized, dedicated, and committed to this job. This means keeping track of your activities, staying focused and optimistic, and getting proactive in managing this search.

By combining all four aspects of the job, you will take control of the process itself. Instead of waiting for something to happen, you will make something happen. One of the hardest parts of a job search is the feeling that you are passively waiting for a job to appear in order to apply. This leads to frustration, a lack of interviews, and a desire to stop looking all together.

Take active control of your job search, and you will feel better and you will see results.

Click on the links above to learn about the Four Aspects to a successful job search and then get started.

Remember, the Career Development Center can help with each step and has contacts, strategies, networks, and job postings to help you every step of the way.