One of our biggest roles in the Career Development Center is to educate our students on the entire career development process. We believe that students cannot make effective career decisions unless they are fully informed about their choices, options, and possibilities within the world of work.

Additionally, we feel that the best way to educate our students is to let them hear this information directly from employers (especially alumni!) from their field or fields of interest.

The Career Development Center encourages employers and alumni from all industries and organizations to speak on campus.

We provide educational events on: potential major and career paths, graduate/professional school programs, professional success habits, business etiquette, how to find internships/jobs, how to perform well in an internship/job, qualities employers look for in college students/graduates, and much more. Our best method for teaching students this information is to bring professional guest speakers from a variety of professions, industries, and organizations to deliver the information.

Examples of Guest Speaker Events for employers to become involved with:

Careers In… Series: This speaker series brings professionals from specific occupations to campus to speak directly with students about the “ins and outs” of a profession. This series is designed to educate students on the nature of specific professions, what a typical day looks like, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as tips and pointers for students interested in such a career.

The Insider Series: The Insider Series is designed to give students an inside look at the recruiting and hiring process from an employer’s point of view. Topics can include resume/cover letters, networking tips, interviewing, salary negotiation, skills employers look for, how to market oneself to an employer, maximizing an internship opportunity, and more.

In-Class Presentations: The Career Development Center can help connect employers/professionals with academic departments for in-class presentations on specific topics. This may include speaking to a class about major issues in your area (i.e. Accounting, Court Systems, Laboratories, etc).

If interested in speaking on campus, we can work with you to develop a program, schedule and market the event, and connect you with students, faculty, and staff. To discuss speaking on campus, contact us at 203-479-4858