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Career Resources for System Engineering Majors:

System Engineering Graduate Programs:

  • Systems Engineering MS
  • Engineering Management ME, MBS, MEM
  • Engineering and Operations Management MS
  • Master of Business Administration MBA
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering PhD

Career options with a:

  • Master’s Degree:
    • Engineering Manager
    • Engineering Project Manager
    • Senior Lead Analyst
    • Cost Systems Analyst
  • PhD:
    • Research Analyst
    • Professor

Salary and job outlook information

Job Title Median Salary Outlook
Computer Systems Analysts (System Developer) $82,710 +21% (faster than average)
Health and Safety Engineers $81,830 +6% (average)
Network and Computer Systems Administrators $75,790 +8% (average)
Industrial Engineers $81,490 +1%
Computer Hardware Engineer $108,430 +3% (slower than average)
Management Analysts $80,880 +14% (faster than average)
Logisticians $73,870 +2% (slower than average)
Operations Research Analyst $76,660 +30% (faster than average)

 Helpful Tips for Students Wanting to prepare for graduate study in System Engineering

  • Think about the following industries:
    • Private computer companies
    • Development companies
    • Consumer Products (phones, laptops, tablets, cars, etc)
    • Federal Government
      • Dept of Energy
      • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
      • NASA
    • Local Government (database administration)
    • Automotive Industry
    • Transportation Developers (planes, trains, helicopters)
    • Consulting Firms
  • Create connections with professors in order to gain experience on research projects and learn about potential opportunities.
  • Think about minoring or double majoring in another engineering or computer science discipline to specialize your systems engineering to a specific field.
  • Think about getting a double major or a minor in business, your job may deal with logistics or business systems.

System Engineering Graduate Program Websites:

Helpful websites:

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