The selected targeting of companies/organizations is the 2nd most effective way to find a job. Again…Networking is #1

The idea is simple – find companies, not job postings.

Since job postings are consistently ranked as the least effective way to find jobs, your goal is to find the source of jobs… companies/organizations

Why does a Targeted Job Search Work?

Companies are constantly looking for new talent for their organizations; they just aren’t always posting jobs on websites. One way to become aware of openings and opportunities is to locate potential employers and directly contact them with your resume.

Employers are looking for smart, motivated, ambitious people to work with them; the best way to show you are this type of person is through your job search.

Look at it this way… say you owned a company and two people applied for a job.

Candidate # 1 says: “I’ve research your company online and based on your mission statement, your goals, and the way you position yourself in the market I feel my background and qualifications would be a great fit. I am interested in discussing with you how I can help you achieve your organizational goals.”

Candidate #2 says: “I noticed your ad on and thought I would apply.”

Who would you be interested in interviewing?

How do I find Companies/Organizations?

The idea is to find companies – all you need to apply to a company/organization is to know they exist.

So, get to finding them.

One great resource is a local area Chamber of Commerce – any city or town of any size will have a local Chamber of Commerce. This organization exists to promote that particular town as a great place to live, work, visit, and do business. A Chamber of Commerce is made up of member organizations – local businesses that pay an annual fee to be a part of the Chamber.

The website of the Chamber of Commerce will list all of their Members – voila!, a list of companies that exist in your preferred geographic location

New Haven Chamber of Commerce

Click here for a list of, and links to, many more resources for finding companies.

What do I do to apply?

Search the company/organization website for:

  1. job postings
  2. contact names
  3. information about the company

Contact the company/organization by:

  1. phone
  2. email
  3. networking to find someone who works there

What do I say?

Be concise and powerful:

“Hello Mr. or Mrs. Doe. My name is Job Seeker and after conducting significant research on your company/organization I feel my background would be a great fit for your team. I am interested in (sales, marketing, finance, mental health, laboratory, etc) and would like to meet with you to further discuss any opportunities you may have.”

The worst thing that will happen to you is the person will hang up. The best thing that will happen is they will speak with you and offer you a chance to send in your resume and/or interview. You have to make things happen in your job search, and this is a proven method.