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This past year, the UNH Career Development Center (CDC) gathered feedback from students on their perceptions of the CDC, services needed, and areas we could improve.  As a student-centered office it is important to listen to this feedback, since our mission is to provide resources, services, programs, and events that best serve your career development needs.

Based on your feedback we have implemented many changes to address your needs. Here are just a few examples:

Feedback: You want programs and services more customized to your major or career area of interest

CDC Response: This was the most common feedback we received, so beginning in Fall 2013 we will customize our workshops to focus more in specific colleges and career areas.

These are just a sample of the focused workshops for this semester. For a complete list, log into Charger Career Link at

Resume Writing – Engineering Majors Job & Internship Search Strategies for Science
Resume Writing  – Business Majors Job & Internship Strategies for Art & Design
Resume Writing – CJ & Fire Science Majors Career Strategies for Graduate Students
Resume Writing – Arts & Science Majors Career Strategies for International Students

Also, we will reach out to major-specific groups and clubs to conduct workshops specific to those majors and career fields.

Feedback: CDC events and programs look great, but they are held during the day when I have class

CDC Response: Most of our workshops and programs are during the day, but this semester we have scheduled more after hours and evening programs to assist students.

Additionally, our online Virtual Career Center is available 24/7 and contains guides and tutorials on resume writing, cover letters, internships, interviewing, and the job search. The Virtual Career Center is available at

Feedback: The Career Center staff only helps with business resumes, so they can’t help me

CDC Response: Let me first state emphatically that this statement is false – we are well versed in resume styles and formats for many industries.  That said, to ensure we stay up to date on changing employer preferences and resume styles we have implemented an on-going in-house professional education series where employers and other experts from various career fields come to campus to educate CDC staff on their preferred resume styles.

Feedback: We get waaaaay too many emails from UNH

CDC Response: While we reserve to right to send out emails as needed for employer visits and other special events, we are going to cut down on the number we send.

First up, starting next week our Weekly Email of Events (sent on Sunday evenings) will include a link to the Weekly Jobs of Note – our two weekly emails will converge into one

Also, via Charger Career Link we will begin customizing job blasts so you will receive internship, jobs, and other information that pertain to your major and career interest only

In addition to the above changes, we embarked on a number of other internal upgrades to ensure we are providing strong service to our students:

  • Charger Career Link – our online system has undergone a massive upgrade. The new and improved site has improved search functions, video mock interviews, chat with a Career Advisor, a professional mentor network (coming soon), and many behind the scene improvements that will help us to help you. Check it out at
  • Virtual Career Center – we have built an online home for UNH Career Development at where you can access tutorials, videos, career assessments, resource guides, our weekly blog, and our calendar of events.  The Virtual Career Center is an extension of the UNH Career Development Center, except it never closes!

Coming soon:

  • Fall 2013 Career Expo – UNH’s on-campus career fair
  • Online career development modules and courses
  • Job Search 101
  • Career Success Certificate
  • Charge Up: The College2Career Challenge

Thank you for your feedback – as you can see, we truly do value it and want to make the UNH Career Development Center a valuable resource for you.

Matt Caporale
Executive Director, Career Development Center
University of New Haven… a leader in experiential education
103 Bartels Student Activity Center


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  1. Harvey Paulin says:

    I’m impressed with what I have seen here and keep up the good work.
    Harvey Paulin
    PIR in Math dept.

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